Who We Are


Between us we have over 60 years experience in the  construction industry with diverse strengths and experience on many types projects from educational, public setor, commercial and industrial sectors to expertise in Residential projects, Student Accommodation, Community and public sectors projects, Masterplanning, Retail and Healthcare.

Our director John takes a hands-on leadership  role engaging the team in an ongoing exchange of ideas amongst all levels of staff creating a innovative and creative and delivery focused office environment. Ensuring that projects are designed and delivered to meet our clients needs.

Delivering exceptional architectural design and innovative  and flexible technical solutions for commercial clients, residential families of all kinds, and to meet community needs whilst understanding cost commercial objectives.

Our approach is founded on the principle that each project requires a design solution that is responsive to the specific needs of the client, the particular community and site in which the project is situated. We believe in the power of good design to create spaces  and places that make a difference in people’s lives and positively affect their life. Our office is located in Bewdley – a place whose named is derived from the french ‘beaulieu’ for Beautiful Place 

High water levels on the River Severn, Bewdley, Worcestershire, England.

our values

People need to feel connected with their environment and others around.  We strive to strengthen these connections through our projects. Our projects respond to peoples needs and we always aim to enhance the quality of their environment both physical and aesthetically. Sustainability is an inherent consideration within all our projects, enhancing our environment for future generations

Places & Spaces People respond to beautiful places and spaces, they seek high quality experiences.  We look for the opportunity to create exceptional places and spaces within our projects. We believe that good architecture has a connection to place, reflecting our world and our lives through that connection and that the spaces we occupy should enhance our lives by providing beautiful, flexible and adaptive environments.


our team

John Shakeshaft

John has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry ranging from master planning projects and large-scale commercial projects to carefully designed residential and educational projects. He has also worked on projects in a wide range of sectors in the UK, Germany, China, Abu Dhabi and South East Asia. Throughout his career, he has been involved in many award-winning and competition-winning projects. He was formerly a director and co-founder of K4 architects/Kinetic and subsequently joined Richard at RJA Architects as a director.

John brings RJA Architects track record in educational, commercial and industrial sectors together with his expertise in Residential projects, Student Accommodation, Care Homes Masterplanning, Retail and Healthcare and a passion for innovative design balanced with an understanding clients’ objectives .

Tom wade

 I see myself as very much a design-oriented Architectural Technologist, we cannot create excellent architecture and joyful spaces without exceptional detailing and a robust specification. I am also an advocate of using technology to create environmentally friendly buildings. 

We need to integrate these processes, materials and equipment into our schemes from an early stage to ensure that we create a truly sustainable development.

Alina Voinescu

Alina’s passion for architecture arose a few years before university whilst working as a volunteer tour guide for “The Bran Castle” museum in Romania and whilst living with her architect uncle during high school years. He taught her the fundamentals of drawing and influenced her decision of pursuing a career in architecture. She studied at Coventry University and Birmingham City University, qualifying as an Architect in 2018.

She began her professional experience during the second year of university and she gained experience in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from urban design, residential, commercial and retirement living. Working on larger scale projects convinced Alina that her real passion is bespoke residential design, where she is able to apply her knowledge in a unique way with every project,  and being able to offer clients a new way of living through practical and simple design solutions.

Sanmar Aungon

I am an ambitious Architecture graduate who appreciates and recognises the potential it has for the physical and social elements of a place.
My interest focuses on social issues where sustainability to society is important to the vitality of spaces.
I am always keen to learn new skills to further develop ideas and approaches to Architecture and the Built Environment taking time out to watch videos, shows, documentaries, Ted talks and even from the world around me.
Aside from Architecture, I partake in several physical activities such as badminton, volleyball, long distance running; training and pushing myself to the limits.

Amanda Heskin

After Graduating in management from Birmingham University, Amanda spent a year working as Cabin Crew with Monarch Airlines, she then joined the Graduation programme with Asda Stores working in different Stores around the country. At the end of the Graduation Programme Amanda completed the Personnel & Development Programme accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development & joined the HR team.

Whilst taking some time out to raise her two children she fancied a career change and retrained as a surveyor. After completing the RICS Home Inspector Training Programme, The ABBE Valuation of Residential Property and Domestic Energy Assessor, Amanda joined the housing team at Moorland’s Housing Association gaining accreditation with BRE, Elmhurst, SAVA & NHER.

Amanda was delighted to join the team as Studio Manager and Surveyor, drawing on her previous experience of management, HR and surveying. She is currently studying the HNC in Construction, Design & Build Technology at The Black Country & Marshes Institute of Technology.

Chantelle Kimberley

Ambitious individual with a passion for architecture. I believe that architecture is not just what we see, it is what we experience and feel. It is a core intrinsic part of life. I have been dedicated to the pursuit of studying architecture throughout my life and I believe you can never quite stop studying and learning about the subject.

Being driven and creative I am constantly thinking and exploring new innovative ideas for designs. I find wellness, social and emotional needs to be very important in the development of new architecture and so I studied the idea of Neuro-Architecture, designing with the mind in mind.
I am fascinated by the various new technological approaches to designing ergonomically, environmentally, and sustainably which I feel is important. Architecture is a multifaceted discipline and I thrive on the ability to explore various parts of the design process, from concept through to rendering, modelling digitally, 3D hand-modelling and various other elements.

Aside from Architecture, I have a keen interest in music, writing, reading, fashion design and physical pursuits such as yoga and running.

Work For us

Baustudo is committed to equal opportunities for all members of staff and applications are welcome regardless of;

Sex, including pregnancy and maternity, Marital status, including civil partnership status, Gender reassignment, A person’s disability, Race, Age, Sexual orientation, Religion/belief, Trade union membership or non-membership, and Status as a fixed-term or part-time worker.

If you are interested in working for us or looking for opportunities, please get in touch at:    admin@baustudioarchitecture.co.uk